Bienvenue Martha Mason!

June 28-August 30

“I started this group of still life as collections of small formats; on the back they are connected together into sculptural works. They were made with layerings of collage, drawing media and acrylic paint. Alongside, I started other pieces in a similar way by putting together some old aluminum plates to create assemblages.

The plates were originally developed for the purpose of making lithograph prints. Once printed, the surface retained low-key, smoky drawings. I loved the effect and enjoyed extending their original purpose and meaning by putting them together. The diverse juxtaposed images suggested a subtle complexity. On one of the assemblages I experimented with acrylic paint, hoping to more directly connect the metallic surfaces with my painted canvases.

I like traditional still life, and shoes and flowers are always around to create an atmosphere of mystery and delight. An older print of lilies and a favorite sumi-ink shoes study complete the show.”

Brasserie Four

4 east main street, walla walla

tuesday–thursday 12–9
friday–saturday 12–10